About me

I am a PhD student at MIT CSAIL working with Professor Phillip Isola and Professor Pulkit Agrawal . Before joining MIT, I spent a wonderful year at Carnegie Mellon University. I completed my Bachelors from UC Berkeley where I spent 2 fortunate years at BAIR, working with Professor Alexei (Alyosha) Efros, and Dr. Andrew Owens, and Dr. Richard Zhang. Prior to joining BAIR, I worked with Professor Maysam Chamanzar and Professor Michel Maharbiz at Swarm Lab.


Transforming and Projecting Images into Class-conditional Generative Networks
Minyoung Huh, Richard Zhang, Jun-Yan Zhu, Sylvain Paris, Aaron Hertzmann
ECCV 2020 (oral)
[Project Page] [arXiv] [Github]

Feedback Adversarial Learning: Spatial Feedback for Improving Generative Adversarial Networks
Minyoung Huh, Shao-Hua Sun, Ning Zhang
CVPR 2019

Detecting Malicious Image Manipulations via Learned Self-Consistency
Minyoung Huh*, Andrew Liu*, Alexei A. Efros, Andrew Owens
ECCV 2018
[Project Page] [arXiv] [Github]

Multi-view to Novel view: Synthesizing Views via Self-Learned Confidence
Shao-Hua Sun, Minyoung Huh, Yuan-Hong Liao, Ning Zhang, Joseph J. Lim
ECCV 2018
[Project Page] [Github]

What makes ImageNet good for Transfer Learning?
Minyoung Huh, Pulkit Agrawal, Alexei A. Efros
arXiv & NIPS 2016 LSVS
[Project Page] [arXiv] [Github]

Ultrasonic sculpting of virtual, steerable optical waveguides in tissue
Maysam Chamanzar, Julien Bloch, Ninh Do, Minyoung Huh, Dongjin Seo,
Jillian Iafrati, Vikaas Sohal, Reza Alam, Michel Maharbiz
Nature Science - Communications

Virtual steerable acousto-optic waveguides for non-invasive deep brain imaging and stimulation
Maysam Chamanzar, Ninh Do, Julien Bloch, Minyoung Huh, Reza Alam, Michel Maharbiz
Society for Neuroscience 2016

Virtual Acousto-optic Beam Paths for Steerable Deep-tissue Optical Stimulation and Imaging
Maysam Chamanzar, Minyoung Huh , Ninh Do, Reza Alam, Michel Maharbiz
CLEO 2015


Fun little The New Yorker article on image generation