About My Name and Origin

Where I'm From

I come from Romania. Basic facts:

Inside Romania, I come from Craiova, the capital of the province of Oltenia. In Romania, oltenii are renouned for being smart and energetic, but also being arrogant, speaking too fast, and having quick tempers.

Name: Spelling

The ideal graphical representation of my name is:

Note that the sign on top of the "a" is rounded, and the sign beneath the "s" is a comma (not a cedilla). That said, here's what you should do on current computer environments:

Note for Romanians: For typing Romanian in Windows, I strongly recommend the ErgoRomanian keyboard layout, which is very intuitive and significantly easier to use than the standard Romanian keyboards. By the way, I find it ridiculous that some people still insist on typing without diacritics.

Name: Pronounciation

Mihai is pronounced like the English words "me" + "hi!". To get it completely right:

In the middle of an English sentence, I often get these details wrong myself.

I you can read Cyrillic, Pătraşcu is Пэтрашку. Even if you don't know Cyrillic, it's not too hard to pronounce:

Name: Meaning