Bucur Obor Mall and Plaza Click on the pic and admire the contrast Calea Mosilor (Old Men's Drive) The park is just the center of the rotary
The Stock Exchange The University University Plaza
Intercontinental Hotel and The National Theater
Mihai Viteazu (Michael the Brave)
His real name was Mihai Patrascu ;-)
Olde Romanian spelling A nice church downtown Old and new financial institutions Nice place for a bar (called "The Ruins")
Hanul lui Manuc (famous old inn) Unirea Plaza Unirea Mall Magheru Drive (a central artery)
The Roman Plaza and the ASE This is why it's called the Roman Plaza Nice Hotel New fancy hotel
Cute building Victoria Plaza Victoria Palace (Government Headquarters) Geology Institute
Notice the thing on top
Peasant's Museum Aviators' Boulevard Childhood memories... "To the heroes of the skies"
Nice building Charles du Gaulle Plaza Arcul de Triumf Simon Bolivar
Unexpected statue for Bucharest...
Dinamo Stadium and Ivan Patzaichin
(Famous olympic rower)
Sector 2 Administrative HQ
Kind of fancy for a public building...
My sister was admitted to Poly It was also her birthday
Two reasons to celebrate
Yeap, she was happy Bucharest took part in the Cow Parade The first cow we saw was Telecowmunication
My sister's major at Poly is telecommunications
Mira and cow
A genuine cowboy Location: by the Intercontinental University Plaza is the city center Mira and Cris find o..it's Cami's birthday
Cami and cake A Romeo cow? Useful t-shirt to wear in Europe Another cow
Nice water fountain Mira and fountain A clock on the grass
12:15 at night, in Sector 5
"To the hero medics"
Mira on bench Mira and cow [Ro] La coada vacii... Cityhall
The city at night Entrance to "Laptaria lui Enache" "La Motoare" bar Who am I?
One could even find cows inside the bar CS Cow Cow and carriage Commercial in the toilet
"When's the last time you were out?"
Another commercial
"Healthy implant in a healthy body"
Fountain in front of Intercontinental "And culture came down to the streets"
Old books stand on the street (closed at night)
A small nonstop store
Angles Hotel Cismigiu
Note: the famous Romanian song is not about this place
Weird painting on the wall Tobacco and Papers
Cismigiu Park Cismigiu Park Cismigiu Park Weight scale
Mira on the playground Mira Mira More childhood memories...
Unexpected encounter How the bus avoided a traffic jam The Green Paradise
Residential neighborhood, 40km from the downtown
A lake at the entrance
Around the Green Paradise Around the Green Paradise Old cars Old cars
How to get around: by tram Mira's pharmacy How to get around: by subway Cris, waiting for the subway
Mira on the subway You can even meet soldiers on the subway A soldier doesn't make too much these days Waiting for the subway
Glassmakers' Court Museum of Wax Figures
The guy is actually real
The shoes on wires thing
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