Why you need the second straw... Making best use of the lemon Mihai and girlfriend Dancing with Cris
Things get wild quickly Mira and Cris having fun Captivated by the music Do I look pedantic, or what?
Under attack More wild dancing Cris sings (it was Karaoke night) And she sings...
With passion Mira sings more calmly Guitar solo Eventually, Mira gets up too
My turn I sang "My way" Enjoying the wooden floor Dancing
More energy Cris sings again With scenical movement My sister and her collegues
All celebrating their admission to Poly
Is he leaning because of the beer? Dancing, including on the tables Cris really gets people up and dancing Mihai needs girlfriend support to sing
A stranger comes and tries to save the day
Yes, Mihai was terrible
Eventually they sing together The DJ (quite intoxicated by now) A duet
"You can leave your hat on"
Rest of the pictures censored due to federal regulations
Becker Bräu, a German brewery
The place was packed
They had a marching band The menu tells the story of the beer
Inside A waitress Huge pint People and beer
Nobody said Bucharest was clean [Ro] Du-ma acasa, mai tramvai! ... An excellent source of cookies We even gathered energy to clean the apt
Mira's nails
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