First and foremost:
Craiova is inhabited by wild, dangerous men
. . University of Medicine
My dad is a professor here County Clinical Hospital #1
My dad is also a doctor here
Market in front of hospital We have big boulevards, too
Old house on Unirii St Nice church Colegiul Fraţii Buzeşti
High school where mom and dad went
Statue of the brother Buzeşti
Mitropolia Olteniei
Mitropolie is some orthodox leadership
Madona Dudu Church Madona Dudu Museum of Oltenia
Art Museum Colegiul Carol I
Where I went to high school
Church next to Carol I Mercur: big mall downtown
Plaza downtown Statue of Mihai the Brave
His real name, also Mihai Pătraşcu
County Hall City Hall
Alexandru I Cuza and the "EnglishPark" "The White House": an old landmark The theatre
Home of the famous theater company
Celebrity Alley
The University New bank ruining architectural landscape Another nice curch Different view of the center plaza
Minerva hotel (old but renovated) And a new hotel Not much space for a building Old section of Unirii St
Yeap, we also have a Chinese restaurant Typical school . Old houses on Unirii
Plaza in front of the park 1907 Monument Park entrance The park is the 2nd largest in Europe
The park The park The park The park
The park The park The park The park
The park The park The park The park
The park The park My parents' Christmas tree .
My medals from olympiads . My sister's old room Yard and garage
View of the house from the back . Front of the house House in ruins across the street
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