Morbidu and Cris
After a fishing expedition to the local market
. . We actually cooked the fish
Trying a new hair style other Cris + tent Relaxing Boring hair style
A pond in the middle of the road! We took the boat for about 3 hours Cris+Cris cruising along Tulcea
. Luxury cruise ship passes us . We then switched to a smaller boat
. . . .
And then to row boats One of our 2 guides Very strong current .
Amazingly clear water . Sign of civilization (electricity) .
. Morbidu takes a stab at rowing Stopped for a smoke Confortable seating
Siren pose Food at the local bistro This is a phase of building a boat! Evening comes
On the dock . Moquito attack Modest accomodations
. Departing from the village "Crossroads"? .
Water dominates land . . .
. Inside the big ship The captain "Cones" along the road
A station In case you forget the lyrics Other people exploring hair styles Traffic signs
. Mountain in the distance Return to our beach Last swim before we leave
. Cute! My hair style is back Attacked while towel-changing
Done Never got home after hospital 2 bays ago! On the train on the way back .
A friend we made in Tulcea . . In the middle of nowhere
Everybody's exhausted . Waiting for the connection No highway chase in Medgidia
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