Oberwolfach Oberwolfach Strasbourg
Or what to do while waiting for a train connection
Strasbourg Strasbourg Strasbourg Strasbourg
Cathédrale de Nôtre Dame
Strasbourg Seth and Liz
My hosts in Saarbrücken
This is a famous bend of the Saar
Seth and me The Saar We climbed from down there
We got here by cycling along the river
We then biked to this town
I'm told the Sec made here is famous Castle and church Castle and church We got a beer inside the castle
The town The town Geese The Roman ruin in Trier
Yes, we did get to Trier (about 70km)
Liz didn't like the height difference Saarbrücken University campus Max Planck Institut für Informatik Yes, all new CS buildings are weird
Deer along the road to the University Johanneskirche, Saarbrücken Rathaus (City Hall) Saarbrücken
It means "the Saar bridges", by the way
One evening, I biked to France I got to this village And ordered a cake (in French)
My hotel room was in the attic Interesting angles for a hotel room
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