First contact with Iceland
A huge rocky plain
View from my hostel A common sight: houses and big boulders Large crowd in Reykjavik
I arrived right on Independence Day
By the ocean in Reykjavik Reykjavik A lake in Reykjavik Reykjavik
A church in Reykjavik Different angle The most famous church in Reykjavik The back side of the church
Inside the church The bottom of Mt Esja Different angle Nice flowers
Half way up, with a view of Reykjavik Three quarters of the way up The first snow patch I saw
Altitude: ca 700m
From the top
On the plateau Different angle A bigger snow patch After a 30 min walk on the plateau
Notice the lack of vegetation or earth
It's really hard to walk on these rocks...
Reykjavik A spring at the bottom of a snow patch
The water tasted pretty good
Helium baloon
Ever wondered what happens to those baloons people lose?
I got lost... until I found this
Yes, it was raining
Admire the golfs Perlan View from the roof
View from the roof Guarding the entrace of the Saga Museum The Botanical Gardens They do have weird taste in curches...
Reykjavik from the ocean side What we should be seeing The Sun Voyager Buldings among really huge boulders
A park in Hafnarfjördur Hafnarfjördur A natural reserve near Hafnarfjördur Hafnarfjördur
Viking Festival in Hafnarfjördur How to build a Viking boat
Notice the beer. It appears to be part of the tradition
This is where the day's hike started
I got to the top of the conical mountain on the right (Helgafell)
A nice lake along the way
Helgafell from a hilltop along the way
Yes, I did cross that rocky desert
On the rocky plain, looking back Impressive, right? Half way up the mountain itself
The mountain is just one huge rock
From the mountain top
Altitude: 338m. About 15km from Hafnarfjördur
A view in the other direction
This is the edge of the big plateau in the middle of the island
Yet a different view of this barren land
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