From hotel room Hotel pool (roughly 7th level) Around the pool Around the pool
Nice room in the Colony Hotel More I like this style In the Everglades, at Shirk Valley
They were 2-3 meters long Close-up of the turtle Lots of crocodile babies (hard to see) From the tower
Getting ready for a fight Nice birds More birds Hiding in the water
A nice wooden path through the swamp Shelter and vegetation Birds, 1st kind Birds, 2nd kind
With neck stretched Birds, 3rd kind Birds, 4th kind Better view of number 2
Reflections Cute Sunset in the water We're sneaking on it from behind
Birds, 5th kind Flower Reflections Next night we slept ..the car (long story)
Mosquitos we killed driving in the swamp Around Miami Beach Ice-cream with personality Art Deco
Palm trees by the beach Ocean Drive By the beach A bit windy for sunbathing
Nice beach Lots of birds More birds Enjoying the breeze
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