First thing I notice in Lisbon
An exhibition by Romanian artists
Liam, my roommate A park in Lisbon View of the downtown/old city
From the bottom of the park Are you kiddin' me?
Bank of the Holy Ghost
House with Maur influence Narrow and pitoresque streets
From one hill, a view of the other hills Different angle Different angle Different angle
Notice the trees "inside" the building A ruin Around downtown An interesting fountain
A hill with a fortress on top A street packed with restraunts You can take an elevator and see the view Nice street towards the docks
A plaza by the docks On the river banks Different angle A huge bridge across the river
A cathedral Inside View of the city from the fortress Different angle
Different angle Different angle The fortress walls The bird was also looking for the toilets
Narrow streets around the fortress A street with a great view Carnivore plants in the Botanical Garden The lillies were also ferocious carnivores
So they needed to be caged
Interesting trees in the Botanical Garden More interesting trees Interesting tree and huge cactus A multirooted tree??
Narrow street at night A walkway with a great view Spider and foot (for size calibration) Mirror, mirror on the wall...
A huge tank in the Ocenario Liz and a recreation of the Arctic Ocean A very interesting animal A couple, actually
Everything you see is an animal
No, there's no plant in this picture. Trust me
We spent a day at the beach
Conference? What conference?
Me, Seth and fishermen Again fishing, but on a different scale
More large-scale fishing We waited for the sunset A restaurant with a great view Annoyingly, the sun sets behind mountains
Half a minute later Snails, beer, havanas and attitude Typical American tourists, right? I'm told I'm starting to look like Castro
Seth and Liz, with a carpe diem attitude Sintra, on the excursion day A maur fortress overlooks Sintra A castle of the German kings of Portugal
The castle walls It was built in a fairytale style A sea monster guards the entrance View from the castle
The western-most point of Europe
Cabo da Roca
Strong winds influence the vegetation Contemplating a dive
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