Ankur Moitra's homepage


Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Principal Investigator, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory


I am a theoretical computer scientist, and a major goal in my work is to give algorithms with provable guarantees for various problems in machine learning. See my publications and talks for more information. I am a member of the Theory of Computation group, MachineLearning@MIT and an affiliate with the Center for Statistics.


If you are interested in recent developments in algorithms for machine learning, check out these lecture notes!


I co-organize the Theory of Computing Colloquium and the Harvard/MIT/MSR Reading Group.


I co-taught Learning at Scale, a summer school at MADALGO in 2014.
I co-organized Overcoming Intractability in Unsupervised Learning at STOC 2014.
I co-organized Topic Models: Computation, Application, and Evaluation at NIPS 2013.


I served on the Program Committee for ICML 2016, SODA 2015, FOCS 2014, ICML 2013 and APPROX 2013.


My research is supported in part by an Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, an Edmund F. Kelley Research Award, a Google Research Award, a grant from the MIT NEC Corporation and an NSF CAREER Award.


Email: "lastname" at mit dot edu
Offices: 2-472 (default) and 32-G594