Name Michael Oltmans
Address The Stata Center
Building 32-239
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge MA 02139
Phone 617/253-8926

One of the best ways to get to know me on the web is to look through my photo gallery.I have accumulated quite a few pictures over the last years. You can them at  I also host a webpage for the Oltmans Family at:

Minnesota is cool (make that cold)

I'm from Minnesota and darn proud of it. Stereotypes are dangerous things, but in this case, I think a good number of these Minnesotaisms fit me quite well.
Check out for more fun Minnesota stuff.

Work Stuff

This section was so out of date I have temporarily removed it until I can do it justice.  In summary I am working on computer systems to understand hand drawn sketches.  Ranging across mechanical engineering diagrams, circuits, family trees, and many more.  A summary of our research group can be found at

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