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:// | Data-Driven Enhancement of Facial Attractiveness]] | L... .il/~vision/VisualSummary.html|Summarizing Visual Data Using Bidirectional Similarity]] | Simakov | 2008... /2009/x2exp.pdf|The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data]] - Halevy et al., 2009 * [[
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i and eases the creation of structured texts. All data is stored in plain text files -- no database is r
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Feed Aggregation ===== [[DokuWiki]] can integrate data from external XML feeds. For parsing the XML feed
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* [[ | MoCA Project]]
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their usage statistics]] NFS volumes are under /data/vision/billf/, and should be mounted on all those
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Had some performance problems with it for massive data access, but does an excellent job with simple usa
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