Development Resources

General purpose development tools.

Web: HTML/PHP/Javascript/...


  • IntelliJ - Probably the best IDE I have ever worked with
  • log4j - Good logging library
  • trove - High performance primitive collections library
  • JProfiler - Very good profiler that also integrates with IntelliJ
  • Hibernate - A very powerful Object Relational Mapping (ORM) library. Had some performance problems with it for massive data access, but does an excellent job with simple usage
  • Spring - An Inversion Of Control (IOC) library. Just started experiencing with it but seems very powerful



Good to have in your tool-set:



  • SchemaSpy - A java open source graphical schema browser. Uses GraphViz for relationships visualiztion
    • A GUI for SchemaSpy
  • SQLyog - Free front-end for MySQL
  • Navicat - Front-end for Oracle, Postres and MySQL. Has a free version.

Version Control

  • Git, and Documentation. Still haven't migrated though…
  • SVN Externals Definitions - For introducing inter-project dependencies
  • TortoiseSVN - Working with an svn repository is very efficient, for any source control or revision management. To create a local repository, nothing other than tortoise is actually needed (e.g. svn server). It's easy as right click and Create repository here…. The repository can then be accessed from Tortoise via file:\\\C:\location
  • VisualSVN Server - A package for setting up an SVN server on windows, managing repositories, user permissions, etc. Great for code/document collaboration.

Good Sources for Images/Videos


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