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dev: 9 Hits|Firebug]] - A good firefox add-on for debugging javascript * [[htt...|log4j]] - Good logging library * [[http://trove4j.sourceforge.... oducts/jprofiler/overview.html|JProfiler]] - Very good profiler that also integrates with IntelliJ * [... tp://]] - Very good and easy-to-use MySQL connector * [[http://www.
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nd browser, but the instructions in that page are good and working (at least in my experience), so make ... | Top of the Hub]] (Prudential Center) – Good food with great view * [[http://www.lespalier.c... [[ | Hana Sushi]] - Good inexpensive sushi (great for takeout) * [[http:... Boylston St.) – Nice desserts, and a surprisingly good burger! * [[ | Tatt
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ool Partition Wizard]] **[Home Edition Free]]** - Good app for disk partitioning * [[http://www.depend...|SnagIt]] - A very good screen capture utility * [[ it-windows/ | Fix PDF Previews in Outlook]] * A good equalizer setting in SmartAudio (Conexant): {{:eq
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ttp://|A good introductory survey]] * [[
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ent.asp?cou=1&l=0|Budget Israel]] - I have a very good experience with them with car rental abroad. Gene
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BTL0OA | Cisco Linksys WRT54GL]] for my home. One good feature of this model is that you can easily inst
links: 1 Hits | Near Earth Object Program]] - Good to know I guess... ===== TV ===== * [[http://
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