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and other images can be configured and extended. Here is an overview of Smileys included in DokuWiki: ... acters to their typographically correct entities. Here is an example of recognized characters. -> <- <-
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pen area; D4 north). ===== Mailing Lists ===== Here are some mailing lists that are worth subscribing... the group's resources. ===== Restaurants ===== Here is an assorted list of restaurants we like: * [
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to-change-the-log-message-after-committing.html | here]] <code> set userName=%3 set propertyName=%4 set
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in the house. [[Linksys WRT54GL Range Extender | Here]] are instructions for setting up the range exten
software: 1 Hits | here]] * [[ | hMailServer
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It's easy as right click and ''Create repository here...''. The repository can then be accessed from To
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