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olid State Hard Drives @ Coding Horror]] ===== My Machines ===== * [[ |... I got the new drive the second day after I placed my complaint. * [[ outer/dp/B000BTL0OA | Cisco Linksys WRT54GL]] for my home. One good feature of this model is that you
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====== Miki's Wiki ====== This is where I keep my notes and other stuff that I like to have available online.\\ It is intended mostly for my personal use, although I've made it public so that others can benefit from my experience. \\ \\ * [[links | Links]] * [[art | Art]] * [[travel | Travel]]
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xcellent job with simple usage * I've defined my entities using [[
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ns in that page are good and working (at least in my experience), so make sure to follow them closely.... | Evoo]] My favorite local coffee shops: * [[http://www.are
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://|Skype]] - I use SkypeOut for all my long distance calls. Also check out [[http://foru... sta compatibility mode worked for me * [[
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//|My Google Library]] * [[
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view]] * [[ | Rate My Rosetta (Latte Art)]] * [[
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fault.aspx|Continental]] - With whom I do most of my flying ===== Car Rental ===== * [[http://www
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