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around * [[ | Diva]] – Nice, inexpensive Indian * [[https://www.thecapitalg... * [[ | Koreana]] - Nice family-style Korean Restaurants close to MIT: ... | Max Brenner]] (at Boylston St.) – Nice desserts, and a surprisingly good burger! * [[h... ogo/location.php?nid=6&sid=44 | Castle Island]] - Nice for strolls, nice playground, good viewpoint of p
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* [[]] - A nice review on the history of coffee (hebrew) * [[ht... [ | TERMINAL HOUSE]] - A nice room escape game * [[|f
software: 2 Hits
.net/nexus.asp | Nexus Dock]] **[Free]** - A very nice and customizable taskbar for Windows. Requires a ... ygwin]] **[Free]** - Unix emulator for windows. A Nice thing with cygwin is that lots of useful unix com
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s46.PDF | Why the ant trails look so straight and nice]] - [[ | Fre
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thinkpad/w-series/w500 | Lenovo Thinkpad W500]] - Nice in terms of CPU and memory, but the display is ra
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