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o lowercase automatically, special characters are not allowed. You can use [[some:namespaces]] by usin... tyle from [[nonexisting]] ones. * DokuWiki does not use [[wp>CamelCase]] to automatically create link... specify a filename (external or internal) that is not an image (''gif, jpeg, png''), then it will be di... tern file]]. There are three exceptions which do not come from that pattern file: multiplication entit
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:: Only allow the log message to be changed, but not author, etc. if /I not "%propertyName%" == "svn:l... AME :: Only allow modification of a log message, not addition or deletion. if /I not "%action%" == "M"... ION :: Make sure that the new svn:log message is not empty. set bIsEmpty=true for /f "tokens=*" %%g in... eof :ERROR_EMPTY echo Empty svn:log messages are not allowed. >&2 goto ERROR_EXIT :ERROR_PROPNAME ech
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stead of the default Adobe PDF viewer, as it does not lock the PDF file and reloads it automatically wh... X]] - An open source [[wp>WYSIWYG]] latex editor (not using it anymore) * [[ | ... /tex-archive/info/lshort/english/lshort.pdf | The Not So Short Introduction to latex]] * [[ftp://ftp.
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ork | CSAILPrivate wireless network]]. **You will not be able to print if your computer is only connect... round-watertown | Inside Playground]] - It is OK (not great). Mostly for rainy/snowy days... Fairs an
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(c) Andreas Gohr <>((Please do not contact me for help and support -- use the [[doku... nsider [[doku>donate|donating]] a few bucks ;-). Not sure what this means? See the [[doku>faq:license|
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011/04/26/dslr-mirror-lock-up-worth-the-effort-or-not/ | DSLR Mirror Lock-Up – Worth the Effort or Not?
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