Tips for MIT Visitors

MIT/CSAIL Certificates

Go to TIG's website to obtain your csail certificates, which will give you access to internal CSAIL resources such as software and the CSAILPrivate wireless network.
Installing those certificate can get tedious, depending on your OS and browser, but the instructions in that page are good and working (at least in my experience), so make sure to follow them closely.


To be able to print, your computer must be either: (a) hard-wired to the network (connected with a network cable), or (b) connected to the CSAILPrivate wireless network. You will not be able to print if your computer is only connected to the StataCenter public wireless network.

Once your computer is connected via either (a) or (b), go to TIG's website again to download drivers for your OS and add printers. The two printers in the VGN area are ham (vision side open area; D4 south) and twd (graphics side open area; D4 north).

Mailing Lists

Here are some mailing lists that are worth subscribing to. To subscribe, go to
If the mailing list doesn't show up in this public listing, you can access it by appending the mailing list name to the end of the url above (e.g.
Also note the sign-up page is somewhat verbose and confusing. All you need to do is add your email address where is says “Your email address:”, and click “Subscribe”.

  • vision-meeting
  • billf-group
  • vgn
  • graphics-mtg? (graphics group weekly meeting announcements)
  • teabreak? (graphics side tea breaks)
  • coffeebreak? (vision side coffee breaks)

Vision Servers and NFS Storage

Once you have a CSAIL user, you should be able to ssh into the vision machines (e.g. for running experiments and access vision-related filesystems.

NFS volumes are under /data/vision/billf/, and should be mounted on all those machines. You can also contact TIG to allocate some NFS space for your own use.

Contact Andrew Owens if you need additional privileges to access any of the group's resources.


Here is an assorted list of restaurants we like:

Restaurants close to MIT:

My favorite local coffee shops:

And bakeries/desserts:

  • Finale (at Harvard square) – Definitely worth a visit
  • Max Brenner (at Boylston St.) – Nice desserts, and a surprisingly good burger!
  • Tatte - Close to Kendall square; 5 min walk from Stata

Activities for Kids

Fairs and Festivals:

(*) Tickets available at MITAC

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