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Image Retargeting?

Images often have to be resized in order to fit a smaller, or wider, display (e.g iPhone, widescreen TV). This process is commonly referred to as retargeting.
Retargeting can be achieved by various techniques, which produce different resized images as can be seen in the example below.
This study is the first of its kind that tries to better understand the perceptual preferences of users regarding image resizing. For example, which of these techniques is better suited? for what types of images?

What is my part in it?

Well, we will ask you to tell us which of the resized images you like better, which is probably the most important part in this study.
After filling-in some general details, you will be presented with a series of comparisons, each focusing on two resized images. You will be able to compare between those images and the original image and select your preferred resizing result.

Please note that while it might seem that some results are similar or that some comparisons are repeating themselves - they are not.
In some cases the differences are rather subtle, and we have tried to supply you with sufficient tools to still make your decision.
Also remember that you can use ctrl+mouse-wheel to zoom in/out for more careful look (you can try it now on the image below).

Source (original)


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