CSAIL Olympics 2010 Film Contest
The apocalypse looms on the horizon. In fear of the coming end of days, the ACM has canceled all conferences and journals. Left without anything else to do, CSAIL grad students turn to the only other marketable skill they have remaining: videography.

Each team is to produce a short video inspired by the armageddon. Some ideas in this vein include a documentary, a how-to-survive guide, a tale of what caused the apocalypse, and a zombie musical. Be creative, and feel free to adopt any style or theme under the general topic of "Armageddon".

We will be burying these videos in a hermetically-sealed vault, to be unearthed in the coming millennium when (or if) mankind crawls its way back to hegemony. That is, if we ever figure out how to decode H.264 video again.

The film competition is traditionally the biggest event in the Olympics, and the team that wins this event brings home the grand prize. Really, though, this is an opportunity to have a lot of fun. Check out some of the previous years' entries for inspiration. Oh, and start early! It always takes more time than you think.

Video Requirements:
Audience-selected Winners:
Opportunities for Bonus Points: