Fun Collaborations

Giorgio Metta   (homepage)

I worked with Giorgio while he was visiting at MIT. We implemented a simple form of affordance exploration/exploitation on the humanoid robot Cog. Or in other words we got a robot to poke things -- he had his reasons and I had mine and it all worked out. Giorgio is a super cool guy, and it was a privilege to work with him. Giorgio and I (along with Eduardo and Lijin) were part of the super-secret (d'oh!) TEA CONSPIRACY to overthrow the AI Lab from within. Success! (well, sort of)...

  • Paul Fitzpatrick and Giorgio Metta. Grounding vision through experimental manipulation. The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences, 361:1811, pp. 2165-2185. (penultimate draft pdf, rough html)

  • Giorgio Metta and Paul Fitzpatrick. Better vision through experimental manipulation. In EPSRC/BBSRC International Workshop. August 14-16, 2002, Bristol, UK. (pdf, rough html)

Artur (Miguel) Arsenio   (homepage)

Artur was my office-mate while I was a grad student at MIT. He has the highest ability to concentrate of any person I know. After years of working in parallel we actually did some research together on recognizing noisy objects by relating periodic visual motion with periodic sounds. (more information)

  • Paul Fitzpatrick and Artur Arsenio. Feel the beat: using cross-modal rhythm to integrate perception of objects, others, and self. Accepted for the Fourth International Workshop on Epigenetic Robotics, Genoa, August, 2004 (pdf, rough html)

  • Artur Arsenio and Paul Fitzpatrick. Exploiting cross-modal rhythm for robot perception of objects. Accepted for publication at the 2nd International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems, Singapore, December 15 - 18, 2003. (pdf, rough html)

Charles C. Kemp   (homepage)

This work started with a joke and ended up being a really fun project on using shoes as a vision platform (platform shoe).

Charlie has lots of interesting ideas including turning himself into a robot. And let's not even talk about his alter ego, Clark.

  • Paul Fitzpatrick and Charles Kemp. Shoes as a platform for vision. Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Wearable Computers, ISWC 2003 (pdf).

Cynthia Breazeal   (homepage)

When I started at the MIT AI lab as a grad student, I spent a year or two working on the infant-like robot Kismet with Cynthia Breazeal. It was a great start to working with robots. Cynthia eventually defected to the MIT media lab, where she continues to do cool stuff in robotics.

  • Cynthia Breazeal and Paul Fitzpatrick. That Certain Look: social amplification of animate vision. Proceedings AAAI Fall Symposium, Socially Intelligent Agents - The Human in the Loop, 3-5 November 2000, North Falmouth, MA, USA. (pdf, rough html)

Eduardo Torres-Jara   (homepage)

Eduardo is the ring-leader of the world famous yet completely secret TEA CONSPIRACY, which involves a lot of coffee drinking for some reason. Eduardo is the guy in the picture that everyone else is staring at in bemusement - this is trademark Eduardo. We are working together on building a really smart active vision system, tightly integrated with robot manipulation.

  • Paul Fitzpatrick and Eduardo Torres-Jara. The power of the dark side: using cast shadows for visually-guided reaching. Accepted to Humanoids 2004 (draft: pdf, rough html)

  • Paul Fitzpatrick and Eduardo Torres-Jara. Detecting object boundaries using focus, zoom, shadows, and active probing, CSAIL Research Abstract, 2004 (pdf)

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