photos:Year 2005:master
sarong, elves & Bergerac Giszpenc family crest I love you dancing leprechauns
carte du tendre Margie, hubby John, Esteban George Jane and Micha
something weird Miss Claire Miss Claire's biggest admirer Claire and Micha
profs. Chris and Yoel Carla Carla Carla, George, Margie
Carla, George Claire's gals Zuri Claire
is this the way it goes? I'm not sure... what about this piece? everyone's a star
SNHU colors, CED red SNHU graduate prof. Chris Clamp my thesis advisor
prof. Yoel Camayd-Freixas so proud Kellie girl wherezahaps?
a bit of shade Juan Carlos and Theanna lo stadio ready for the grads
music's playing crowd is waiting anytime now here they come!
and there they go and go and go. bagpipe band!
our neighbor's Jesus the front steps sunburned and happy how does THIS work
stylin' scarf new dress new blouse new jacket
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