photos:Year 2005:wedding
the engagement tree Paul setting up sound system Noemi arriving Noemi ready to receive
Eduardo and Jen arriving Jen in Birks Eduardo attending William filming
revealed! veiled unveiled hey there, hubby to be
check out my sparklies bros to the photo session Jen's helpful touches
N&P N&P best man, maid of honor Jen: maid of honor
Eduardo & Jen's bouquet Eduardo holds things together N&P bride
Deirdre and Yannick avec maman et papa William Paul with rents and sibs
Paul with rents and sibs bis Paul with sibs Paul with clan Noemi with Paul and clan
maman, Natasha, Danimal Liam joyful fab five standing up straight
'round the bro maman et papa with the parents dad and mum
Paul with dad, mum, Eilis the clan the clan + Noemi Deirdre, Ann, Mary
Deirdre, Ann, Mary Deirdre, Ann, Mary Mary & Eilis Mary & Deirdre
Mary Ann maman Mr & Mrs Fitzpatrick x2
la famille maman et moi Liam on the ground Natasha and Daniel
motherly words maman et Yannick maman, ze lovers John and May
ze lovers they're next! Liam Kevin, photographer extraordinaire
Sammy drawing... ...with cousin Daniel passing on tips signing the ketubah
ready to start our guests circling reading vows
Noemi vowing Paul vowing we're getting married Ann reads blessing
priestly blessing in the tallit breaking the glass! papa with Susan
Ellen and Noemi Noemi May and Noemi May and Noemi bis
challah (by Wladimir) Linda breaks bread bread for Lorenzo Peter & Vicki, Susan...& Ellen, Mira & Yank
the wedding party Eduardo's speech Eduardo's speech May filming
Ann laughing the first dance don't tread on my hem Brownie DJ
DJ Coco DJs Coco & Brownie Regina, Sammy, Vlado, Natasha up!
on chairs! up on chairs! this is scary :) Mary getting down
hooray Jen and Liam some line dancing some twirling
some back and forth yippee! Betty and Greg
Ann and William Lorenzo and Lijin dance like Egyptians Paul and Noemi do high school dance Mary and Yannick do si do
Noemi and Kevin Noemi and Kevin dance Mary takes a breather dancing night away
ring cushion (by Ann) tallit bag (by Annie) the ketubah (by N&P) chuppah by Ann & Nancy
Lucyna, John, Roger Noemi, Ellen, Jane, Marina John and Roger dancing a reel in the flickering light
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