photos:Year 2005:wedding official
Papa makes the round challah Maman prepares bouquets Michele prepares Jen's hair Daniel checks out the dress
Voilà! The intended effect Kevin takes funky wedding photos Bride holds court wi...cyna, Annie, and Ann
The bride and groom prepare to meet Hello! The veil is ...d during the Bedeken Rabbi Rachel leads the singing Noémi circles...circles Noémi
Reading the vows Happy faces Final blessing, wrapped in tallit Smashing the glass, and almost the foot
The gorgeous chuppah made by Ann and Nancy Eduardo guards the yichud The happy couple The lovely bride
Mother and daughter Annie, Noémi, and Wladimir Again William, Paul, and Ann
Mr and Mrs Fitzpatrick, times two! Again (what's William looking at?) Giszpencs + José The Giszpenc clan
Wladimir+William, An...n, Noémi+Paul The Fitzpatrick clan The merger! In glorious technicolor!
Tonton José and Noémi Mira and Noémi Maid-of-honor Jen and Noémi Best man Eduardo holds the bouquet
Eduardo, Paul, Noémi, and Jen Mary looking fabulous Sammy shows Daniel how to draw He is the master
Eduardo tells tall tales Paul gives Wladimir ...mbolic goat as dowry Jen dishes on Noémi William and Annie chat over dinner
Family resemblance The first dance Things heat up The hora begins
Up! On chairs! Dancing and drinking The Fitzpatrick boys serenade Noémi We don't know doing to Ellen...
Shoe the donkey! Jo...w how it's done The mandatory macarena Ann is amused Dancing high school style
Rebecca and Stephanie are amused Dancing a reel in the flickerin' light Mary cools off The robot DJs Coco and Brownie relax
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