A list of resources, ranked from potentially useful (top) to completely insane (bottom).

Conference tracker
I would like a conference calendar that listed all the due dates for papers for conferences relevant to people in my field. Until Google solves this problem nicely, I'm working on an open-format conference tracker.

If you want to do machine vision using a camcorder on linux, consider starting with dvgrab-shell.

Empirically trained orientation detector
Orientation maps can be constructed efficiently based on prior experience, rather than mathematical models -- see the orientation look-up table.

Cosmic communication
I'd like to be able to communicate with aliens over great distances. Until Google solves this problem nicely, I'm working on a cosmic OS.

Unless gates
Here is a simple javascript unless gate simulator.

Moral mean
I'd like to be know whether people are intrinsically good or bad. Until Google solves this problem nicely, you can judge.

Cooperative Directory
A listing of enlightened organizations.

Fun people in Genoa, Italy.

Daily Show for Linux/Mac
Is it just me or is the Daily Show website extremely hostile to non MS, non IE viewing? Here's a perl script that helps get you John Stewart's latest.

The Broken Plank

 And then a plank in reason broke,

And I dropped down and down 

And hit a world, at every plunge,

And finished knowing, then.

"I felt a funeral in my brain", 
Emily Dickenson (1830-1886) 

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