Semantic Repositories for the Web

Proceedings of the Workshop on Semantic Repositories for the Web

Shanghai, China, November 7, 2010..

Edited by

Alexander García Castro *
Mathieu d'Aquin **
Ken Baclawski ***
Mike Dean ****

* University of Bremen
** The Open University
*** Northeastern University
**** BBN

Table of Contents

  1. Adding Semantic Web Knowledge to Intelligent Personal Assistant Agents 1-12
    Piedad Garrido, Francisco J. Martinez and Christian Guetl
  2. Towards A Semantic & Domain-agnostic Scientific Data Management System 13-24
    Yuan-Fang Li, Gavin Kennedy, Faith Davies and Jane Hunter
  3. Ontology Reuse and Exploration via Interactive Graph Manipulation 25-38
    Immanuel Normann and Oliver Kutz
  4. The EDM Council Semantics Repository - Considerations in Ontology Alignment 39-51
    Mike Bennett
  5. Use Cases for the Interoperation between an Ontology Repository and an Ontology Editor (System Description) 52-57
    Tania Tudorache, Natalya F. Noy, Csongor Nyulas and Mark A. Musen

10-10-2010: submitted by Mathieu d'Aquin