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In this Table of Contents, you learn about what Artificial Intelligence contains in detail.

I Representations and Methods

1 The Intelligent Computer

2 Semantic Nets and Description Matching

3 Generate and Test, Means-Ends Analysis, and Problem Reduction

4 Nets and Basic Search

5 Nets and Optimal Search

6 Trees and Adversarial Search

7 Rules and Rule Chaining

8 Rules, Substrates, and Cognitive Modeling

9 Frames and Inheritance

10 Frames and Commonsense

11 Numeric Constraints and Propagation

12 Symbolic Constraints and Propagation

13 Logic and Resolution Proof

14 Backtracking and Truth Maintenance

15 Planning

II Learning and Regularity Recognition

16 Learning by Analyzing Differences

17 Learning by Explaining Experience

18 Learning by Correcting Mistakes

19 Learning by Recording Cases

20 Learning by Managing Multiple Models

21 Learning by Building Identification Trees

22 Learning by Training Neural Nets

23 Learning by Training Perceptrons

24 Learning by Training Approximation Nets

25 Learning by Simulating Evolution

III Vision and Language

26 Recognizing Objects

27 Describing Images

28 Expressing Language Constraints

29 Responding to Questions and Commands

Appendix: Relational Databases