On To C++ Patrick Henry Winston
Learn the standard language for object-oriented programming
This book is written in the clear and concise style that has made Winston's C, Java, and Lisp books popular among programmers who want to add new languages to their repertoires. Using this book, you learn C++ quickly and effectively, and you learn why C++ is the most widely used of the object-oriented language.

The Knowledge You Need

You learn the key concepts as features are added to a short, yet representative C++ program. The program uses knowledge about containers and railroad cars to display a capacity report for a freight train, thereby demonstrating the ability of C++ classes to capture knowledge about naturally occurring categories. As you see the class-enabled program evolve, you learn how to: create classes and objects o define constructor, reader, and writer functions o benefit from data abstraction o inherit member variable values and member functions o create new class objects at run time o find the right function at run time o use constructors in class hierarchies o use protected and private member variables and member functions o use protected and private class derivations o design class hierarchies o use call-by-reference parameters o prevent memory leaks o reuse class definitions using templates and much, much more.

Winston's proven approach

  • Based on extensive teaching experience
  • Features easily digested segments
  • Illustrates ideas via short, yet complete programs
  • Answers your natural questions in a natural order
  • Stresses principles of good-programming practice
  • Recapitulates key points as if--then rules
  • Helps you write programs right away

About the Author

Patrick Henry Winston teaches computer science and directs the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Professor Winston is well known for his work in artificial intelligence and for his clear and insightful books.


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