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1 How this Book Teaches You the Language

2 How To Experiment Using the Workspace and the Transcript

3 How To Write Arithmetic Expressions

4 How To Define Simple Methods

5 How To Define Methods with Parameters

6 How To Perform Tests using Predicates

7 How To Write Conditional Expressions

8 How To Combine Boolean Expressions

9 How To Introduce Local Variables

10 How To Benefit from Procedure Abstraction

11 How To Create Classes and Instances

12 How To Define Classes that Inherit Instance Variables and Methods

13 How To Define Instance-Creation Methods

14 How To Benefit from Data Abstraction

15 How To Design Classes and Class Hierarchies

16 How To Write Iteration Statements

17 How To Write Recursive Methods

18 How To Store Values in Class Variables

19 How To Store Values in Dictionaries

20 How To Work With Arrays

21 How To Work with Ordered Collections and Sorted Collections

22 How To Create File Streams for Input and Output

23 How To Work with Characters and Strings

24 How To Produce Formatted Text

25 How To Use Sorted Collections in Simulations

26 How to Work with Dates and Times

27 How To Define Binary Methods

28 How to Use Debugging Tools

29 How to Program Defensively

30 How to Exchange Software

31 How To Create Points and Rectangles

32 How To Draw Lines and To Display Text in Windows

33 How To Use the Graphics Context to Alter Appearance

34 How To Use List Boxes to Select Instances

35 How To Connect Together Display Elements

36 How To Display Menus and File Dialog Windows

37 How To Develop a GUI using a GUI Builder

38 How To Work with a Commercial Smalltalk

39 How To Work with the Model--Viewer--Controller Paradigm

40 How To Use VisualWork's Value Holders and Aspect Adapters

41 How To Use VisualWorks To Build Applications

42 How To Use VisualWorks To Build Viewers and Controllers

Appendix A: The Calorie Application

Appendix B: Packaging Applications for Users

Appendix C: The VisualWorks GUI Builder

Appendix D: The VisualWorks Drawing Methods