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499: Practice

Devise a function, size_description, that takes one argument, of type double, and returns a pointer to a character string that depends on the size of the argument: If the argument is more than 100000, the character string is to be noteworthy; if it is less than 1000, the character string is to be trifling; otherwise, the character string is to be empty. Use size_description to dress up the report produced by the program shown in Segment 498, such that an extra column appears, as in the following example:

Food 3.300000 300 990.000000 trifling 
Trucking 2.500000 40000 100000.0000 
Airline 9.900000 100 989.999939 trifling 
Airline 10.100000 10000 101000.0061 noteworthy 
Computers 5.000000 2000 10000.00000