On To Java, Third Edition—Adapted from the hardcopy back cover

On To Java, Third Edition Patrick Henry Winston
Sundar Narasimhan

Learn the exciting language of the World Wide Web

On To Java provides you with the knowledge that you need to learn the Java programming language and improve your programming practices. It is written in the clear and concise style that makes all Winston's books popular with programmers.

The Knowledge You Need

Each chapter responds to a question you naturally ask when you want to learn a new language: What's special about the language? How do I define a method? How do I implement a loop? How do I open a file? How do I build a graphical user interface? What are the idioms of the language? How do I program effectively?

You learn the answers from a to-the-point, slidelike presentation. First, you learn answers that enable you to write complete, functional programs immediately. Then, you learn how to improve and extend those programs as you learn to design class hierarchies, practice data and procedure abstraction with getters and setters, impose requirements using interfaces, follow the model-view approach to system design, access applets from network viewers, use threads to implement dynamic applets, access files via resources, construct graphical user interfaces using swing classes, and much, much more.


To see the applet, you may need to download a plugin, because, at the moment, some popular browsers do not support the Java swing classes. Your browser should offer to do this for you.

Winston's proven approach

  • Based on extensive teaching experience
  • Explains ideas in fast-paced, concept-centered units
  • Illustrates ideas via short, yet complete programs
  • Answers your natural questions in a natural order
  • Stresses principles of good-programming practice
  • Reinforces key concepts with targeted exercises
  • Recapitulates key points as if–then rules

Added in this Edition

New material on how to:

  • Connect models to views using observers and listeners
  • Develop your own layout managers
  • Implement dynamic tables
  • Collect information using servlets
  • Invoke remote methods using RMI
  • Construct JAR files for program distribution

On-line version:

This book is available, in an on-line version, via http://www.aw.com/onto/java/

About the Authors

Well-known author Patrick Henry Winston teaches artificial intelligence and computer science and develops computational theories of human intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the author of On To C, On To C++, and Artificial Intelligence.

Java expert Sundar Narasimhan develops complex situation assessment and resource allocation systems at Ascent Technology, Incorporated.