6.864: Projects

Gilbert Street
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Project Deadlines

Project proposal due: October 15, 2010
Project Checkpoint: November 29, 2010
Project Final Report due: December 9, 2010


Projects should propose and tackle a problem broadly related to NLP, whether a core NLP task or an interesting application. We expect that you will implement statistical techniques as part of the project (from the literature or novel), apply them to real-world data sets, and perform comprehensive evaluation of the techniques. Project writeups should also discuss related work/approaches in the research literature.

You may work in groups of up to 3 people; we expect that larger groups will tackle more substantial projects.

Proposal (1 or 2 pages)

The proposal should clearly outline each of the following components: - A description of the algorithms and approaches you plan to implement - An overall plan for experiments, i.e., what experimental conditions you plan to evaluate on - Real world data-set(s) that will be used for evaluation - A discussion of related work or approaches, with references to the research literature

Checkpoint (up to 4 pages for one person groups, 6 for two, 8 for three, not including references)

The checkpoint should be a substantial draft of the final writeup. We expect that the dataset should be ready and preliminary experiments conducted by this point.

Final writeup (up to 4 pages for one person groups, 6 for two, 8 for three, not including references)

The final report should be similar in quality to a research conference publication, and should provide a comprehensive overview of the project, covering all the points discussed in the Overview.

Poster session

The last two class sessions will be devoted to presenting the projects. Each group will prepare a poster, and all of you will have a chance to learn about each others' work. The quality of the poster and poster presentation will be part of the overall project grade.

Project Ideas

Here are some project ideas and the titles of the last year's projects.