6.881: Natural Language Processing

Gilbert Street
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Instructor: Regina Barzilay, G468 Stata Center
Office Hours: Tues 9:30--10:30, or by appointment
Time & Location: Tues & Thurs 15:00--16:30, 2-147

The syllabus is still subject to change.

Date Topic References
9/9 Introduction and Overview
[slides] [pdf]
9/16 Basic Language Statistics; Zipf's Law
[slides] [pdf]
9/21 Language Models; Smoothed Estimation
[slides] [pdf]
9/23 Tagging; Tranformation Based Learning; HMM Taggers
[slides] [pdf]
9/28 Maximum Entropy Tagger
[slides] [pdf]
9/30 Introduction to Syntax; Probabilistic Context Free Grammars
  • Slides of Mike Collins
  • Jurafsky&Martin Section 9
  • Taylor L. Booth and Richard A. Thompson Applying probability measures to abstract languages IEEE Transactions on Computers C-22, pp. 442-450
  • Mark Gold Language identification in the limit Information and Control, 1967, pp.447-474
10/5 Syntactic Parsing
10/7 Introduction to EM
  • R. Durbin, S. Eddy, A. Krogh and G. Mitchison The EM Algorithm Biological Sequence Analysis, Cambridge University Press, 1998
10/12 Unsupervised Grammar Induction
[slides] [pdf]
10/14 Distributional Similarity; Clustering
[slides] [pdf]
10/19 Distributional Similarity (cont.)
[slides] [pdf]
  • Manning&Schutze Section 14, 15.4
10/21 Word Sense Disambiguation; Co-training
[slides] [pdf]
10/26 Text Segmentation
[slides] [pdf]
10/28 Learning Disourse Structure
[slides] [pdf]
11/2 Rhetorical Parsing
[slides] [pdf]
11/4 Text Summarization
[slides] [pdf]
11/9 Summarization (cont.)  
11/16 Midterm  
11/18 Information Retrieval  
11/23 Machine Translation  
11/30 Machine Translation  
12/2 Machine Translation  
12/7 Project Presentations  
12/9 Project Presentations