For my Ph.D. thesis I designed and implemented Jade, an implicitly parallel language for coarse-grain parallel computing. Jade has been implemented on shared-memory multiprocessors, message-passing machines, and heterogeneous networks of workstations. Jade programs port without modification between all of these platforms. Jade has been implemented on a wide range of platforms, including (1) shared-memory multiprocessors which include the Encore Multimax, the Silicon Graphics 4D/240S, the Stanford DASH multiprocessor; (2) a distributed memory machine -- the Intel Touchstone, (3) a network of computers including SPARC-based machines from Sun Microsystems, DECStation 3100 and 5000 workstations, and the Silicon Graphics 4D/240S multiprocessor, (4) the Sun Laboratories High Resolution Video (HRV) Workstation, a heterogeneous system consisting of multiple SPARC and Intel i860 processors, and functional units capable of digitizing, processing,and displaying video at up to full HDTV rates. An implementation of Jade is available.

Here are several papers that report results from the Jade project.