Hi, I am a PhD student in the Computer-Aided Programming (CAP) group at MIT co-advised by Prof. Armando Solar-Lezama and Dr. Sumit Gulwani. I work on developing new program synthesis techniques for helping programmers, end-users, and students. Apart from research, I enjoy playing bridge and I’m honored to have been selected for the Indian junior national bridge team. rishabh


I will be joining the RiSE group at Microsoft Research Redmond in October 2014!

Modular Synthesis work featured as the spotlight on MIT Homepage!

Co-organizing the 1st Syntax-Guided Synthesis competition at CAV 2014 (FLOC 2014)

Autograder for programming assignments [PLDI 2013] [MIT CSAIL Spotlight] [MIT News]

FlashFill in Microsoft Excel 2013 [CACM2012, VLDB2012, CAV2012] [MIT News] [CNN Money] [More]

Storyboard Programming now has a tablet interface! [FSE 2011, CAV 2012]