New homepage: https://rishabhmit.bitbucket.io/

Hi, I am a research scientist at Google Brain. Previously, I worked at Microsoft Research and obtained my PhD from MIT CSAIL.



BlinkFill: Semi-supervised Programming by Examples to appear at VLDB 2016

Quantitative Program Repair to appear at CAV 2016

Probabilistic Semantic Transformations in Excel to appear at POPL 2016

Conversational Programmers: An Industrial Perspective to appear at CHI 2016

FlashProg disambiguating interface to be presented at UIST 2015

FlashFill’s Ranking system to be presented at CAV 2015

George M. Sprowls Award for Best Dissertation in CS, MIT, 2014

So proud of my PRIMES high-school students Amy Chou and Justin Kaashoek. MAA Poster (JMM 2014) and semi-finalist in Siemens Competition 2014 for their work on Automated Puzzle Generation.

Submitted my dissertation Accessible Programming using Program Synthesis.

Excited to join the RiSE group at Microsoft Research Redmond in October 2014!

Modular Synthesis work featured as the spotlight on MIT Homepage!

Co-organizing the 1st Syntax-Guided Synthesis competition at CAV 2014 (FLOC 2014)

Autograder for programming assignments [PLDI 2013] [MIT CSAIL Spotlight] [MIT News]

FlashFill in Microsoft Excel 2013 [CACM2012, VLDB2012, CAV2012] [MIT News] [CNN Money] [More]

Storyboard Programming now has a tablet interface! [FSE 2011, CAV 2012]