My thesis involves developing automated program synthesis techniques for the following research projects:

Help beginner programmers with automated feedback about the common errors in their code.
Publications : [PLDI13]
Press: [MIT News], [CSAIL Spotlight]
Demo : Live Interactive Version
Software : Coming Soon!

Flash Fill
Help end-users perform string manipulation tasks in Microsoft Excel using input-output examples.
Publications: [CAV12], [VLDB12], [CACM12]
Press: [MIT News], [CNet], [CNN Money], [Tech Radar], [Wired], [ZDNet], [More]
Demo : Video1 , Video2 , Video3 , Try it out in Microsoft Excel 2013!

Storyboard Programming
Help programmers write data-structure manipulations using box-and-arrows diagrams of input-output state configurations.
Publications : [FSE11], [CAV12]
Demo : Video
Software : Source and Download