Cryptography and Security

(No longer maintained -- link farms seem out-of-date now that search engines are so good!) This page contains pointers to other web pages dealing with cryptography and security, organized into the following sections: ((Please send additions and corrections to; thanks to Anselm Blumer for numerous improvements!))


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IACR Calendar and the Cipher Newsletter calendar.)

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Government Sources

Non-Profit Organizations and Associations

  • Privacy International (Material on ID cards)
  • Voters Telecommunications Watch (VTW)
  • SANS
  • SecurityPortal

    Commercial Enterprises

    University Sites and Course Material

    Other Sites

    Books and Publishers

    News Groups, NewsLetters, and FAQ's

    Alert Sites


    (Limited to people with home pages relevant to crypto/security; very incomplete...)

    Kevin McCurley's list of cryptographer's home pages

    Algorithms, Protocols, Etc.

    Specific algorithms, protocols, etc.