Rohit Joshi

Postdoctoral Associate in Prof. Peter Szolovits Group

My interest is in large-scale machine learning over graphs and text data. The main focus of my postdoctoral research is on improving existing healthcare systems using health intelligence derived from modeling big health data. My PhD research under Prof. Leong Tze Yun focused on context and identity uncertainty in mobile environment. In future, I plan to continue my work in exploring better ways to represent and reason over massive data for anticipatory computing .

Research Interests:

  • Big data, Big analytics, Natural Language Processing, Visual Analytics
  • Anticipatory Healthcare, Health IT, Artificial Intelligence in Public Health
  • Quantified Society, Citizen Sensing, Mobile Health
  • Graphical Models, Unsupervised Feature Engineering, Forecasting and Recommendation models

Engineering Systems Interests:

I also enjoy developing open-source technologies (Sana, SliTaz Linux, Reseasy).

Stata Center,32 Vassar Street, 32-252
Cambridge, MA - 02139 (directions)
(617)-253-3510 (office)
(567)-277-3594 (mobile)