About Me

Radoslaw Martin Cichy
Department of Education and Psychology
Free University Berlin



My main interest is human visual cognition – that is, I want to know how the brain represents visual objects and scenes during veridical vision and imagery.

In particular, I want to find out (1) how the brain transforms sensory into abstract representations, (2) the dependency of those representation on task, and (3) the plasticity of the underlying neural architecture studying visual cortex in the blind.

I use a combination of methods (fMRI, M/EEG, deep neural networks), and analyse data in an integrated framework using with machine learning techniques and representational similarity analysis.


Cichy RM, Khosla A, Pantazis D, Torralba A, Oliva A (2016). Deep Neural Networks predict Hierarchical Spatio-temporal Cortical Dynamics of Human Visual Object Recognition arXiv:1601.02970. arxiv project_page

Cichy RM, Pantazis D, Oliva A (2015). Similarity-based fusion of MEG and fMRI reveals spatio-temporal dynamics in human cortex during visual object recognition biorXiv, dx.doi.org/10.1101/032656. biorxiv

Cichy RM, Khosla A, Pantazis D , Oliva A (2015). Dynamics of scene representations in the human brain revealed by magnetoencephalography and deep neural networks biorXiv, dx.doi.org/10.1101/032623. biorxiv project_page

Selected Publications

Cichy RM, Pantazis D (2015). Can visual information encoded in cortical columns be decoded from magnetoencephalography data in humans? Neuroimage 121:193-204, doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.07.011. pdf tics-spotlight arXiv

Guggenmos M, Thoma V, Haynes JD, Richardson-Klavehn A, Cichy RM*, Sterzer P* (2015). Spatial attention enhances object coding in local and distributed representations of the lateral occipital complex. Neuroimage 116:149:157, doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.04.004. pdf

Cichy RM, Pantazis D, Oliva A (2014). Resolving human object recognition in space and time. Nat Neurosci 17(3):455-62, doi: 10.1038/NN.3635. pdf news&views news

Ramirez F, Cichy RM, Allefeld C, Haynes JD (2014). The neural code for face orientation in the human fusiform face area. J Neurosci 34(36):12155-67, doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3156-13.2014. pdf

Cichy RM, Sterzer P, Heinzle J, Haynes JD (2013). Probing principles of large-scale object representation: category preference and location encoding. Hum Brain Mapp 34(7):1636-51. pdf

Cichy RM, Heinzle J, Haynes JD (2012). Imagery and perception share cortical representations of content and location. Cereb Cortex 22(2):372-80. pdf

Cichy RM, Chen Y, Haynes, JD (2011). Encoding the identity and location of objects in human LOC. Neuroimage 54(3):2297-307. pdf

Schmidt S, Cichy RM, Kraft A, Brocke J, Irlbacher K, Brandt SA. (2009). An initial transient-state and reliable measure of corticospinal excitability in TMS studies. Clin Neurophysiol 120(5):987-93. pdf

* shared authorship