Caleb Robelle
Office: 32-G585B
E-mail: lastname (at) mit (dot) edu

About Me:

I'm a PhD student in the theory of computation group at MIT. My work has been focused on problems of compression. Specifically, the size-accuracy tradeoffs for robustly sparsifying graphs while preserving distance information and the complexity of compressing strings into small programs.


Partially Optimal Edge Fault-Tolerant Spanners SODA 2022 Greg Bodwin, Michael Dinitz, Caleb Robelle
Cryptographic Hardness under Projections for Time-Bounded Kolmogorov Complexity ISAAC 2021 Eric Allender, John Gouwar, Shuichi Hirahara, Caleb Robelle
Optimal Vertex Fault-Tolerant Spanners in Polynomial Time SODA 2021 Greg Bodwin, Michael Dinitz, Caleb Robelle
Efficient and Simple Algorithms for Fault-Tolerant Spanners PODC 2020 Michael Dinitz, Caleb Robelle

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