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Thu, 16 Mar 2006

Happy Holi!

The in-house economist and I were missing India on Holi. These Banarasi guys seem to be having a lot of fun, though. They also seem totally stoned!

There was an interesting story CS profs at IITK mentioned once. Might not be completely true, but is juicy. Dr. Chaand (not his real name) of the CS dept was leading a group going around playing holi in the IITK faculty quarters area. The faculty quarters were in a serene, quiet area of the campus, away from the hostels. Students were rarely seen and the uncouth, unruly world outside the campus was far far away. Nice cocoon. Anyways, so Dr. Chaand was a big holi fan and went around. Some other prof, also a holi fan, had a pot of milk mixed with bhang. People were invited to partake of it. The brave took a few sips. Dr Chaand waited for others to have their sips. Then he took the pot, gave it a good swirl, and drank straight from it. The quantity alone wouldn't have done him in-- he is quite a big guy. No, it was that the bhaang had not been well-mixed and quite a bit of it had settled down. So Dr. Chaand got a really potent dose, and quite a bit of it. He ended up at the campus hospital.

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