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Fri, 03 Aug 2007

You Can't Make This Up

Jindal Aluminium has a CXO-type position open. Take a look at the job ad (via IndiaUncut):

Candidate aged around 35 years would stay in companys colony having all facilities and must be able to handle senior people executives intellectuals etc. whose habit is to make excuses followed by arguments instead of admitting and improving thus wasting time and energy.

Do they even realize how stupid this looks? And since this is a CXO position, the ad probably has been reviewed by fairly senior people. Feel bad for the guys who apply for the job.

Talking about Indian jobs, here's a rant about how distorted Indian salaries are in some areas. It's clear to me that some correction is in order--- the relative pay scales of different professions (e.g. doctor vs. software engineer) are totally out of whack. See this post about how US startups are finding the labor market in Bangalore (and rest of India?) too tight. The hope, of course, is that the Indian salary correction happens by an increase in salaries for doctors rather than a decrease in salaries for software people.

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