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Fri, 10 Mar 2006

The Dreader, The Dreamer and The Perfectionist

Different kinds of procrastinators. I am all three, in that order. MSN Careers has an article about procrastination and how us procrastinators can get stuff done. For example, if you have trouble starting stuff because you don't know where to start, the article says just put in 15 min and once you've started, you'll get in the flow of things and accomplish a lot more. My little experience with this technique says that generating enough willpower to put in those 15 minutes gets progressively harder- the brain is a hard thing to fool, after a while it knows that "15 min only, dear" stuff is a trap.

For some reason geeks and academics seem to be particularly conscious of their procrastinating nature. And geeks, in particular, keep trying to come up with different techniques to get around this issue. Check out this website dealing with what they call life hacks.

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