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Sun, 04 Feb 2007

Natural Curiosity, I say

Starbucks can't seem to catch a break today. Apparently, people seem to prefer McDonalds' coffee over theirs and somebody in Seattle--- the birthplace of Starbucks itself--- has come upon what in hindsight should've been obvious: semi-naked female baristas serving you your grande mocha, rechristened "Sexual Mix" (or somethin' like that).

The Seattle Times carried an article about it. Predictably, people were outraged-- after all, the paper's clearly not thinking of the children. Just as predictably, the article was a smash hit. So the editor asked his readers: ""You can decide whether that suggests salacious interest, natural curiosity or both." Me? I wonder if the baristas at the drive-thru' window don't feel cold in them skimpy clothes. Seattle can get mighty cold.

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