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Sun, 09 Jul 2006

Almost like that Honda ad..

..where the guy sacrifices his jacket for the car but not his girlfriend. From the NYT ethicist column:

"My cousin and his girlfriend were the victims of an attempted carjacking. Two armed men ordered them into the car. As one assailant was climbing into the backseat on the driver's side, my cousin grabbed the keys and ran, leaving his girlfriend. He quickly reached an emergency phone, and the police responded within minutes to find that the carjackers had fled, leaving his girlfriend unharmed. Did he do the right thing? "

The Ethicist gives a somewhat tortured answer about how it would've been better if there was a cop nearby and the guy ran *to* him, instead of just running *away*. But, no surprises, the love-birds broke up.

I'm sure there's a preemptive warning in it somewhere for me.

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