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Fri, 29 Dec 2006

36 Hours in London

The "36 Hours in ..." NYT columns are a sham. They mention so many things to pack in 36 hours that I am not sure somebody can actually do all of them. The latest one is about London and the only thing I could say I've done was 'stand on the Waterloo Bridge'. In my defense, some of them are about visiting museums and galleries and what not and I don't regret skipping them (the In-house Economist probably does). Also, the author of the article clearly didn't go with their spouse-- no reference is made to the horror of battling hordes while looking for deals in the insanely overpriced shops near Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus.

London is a cool place, though. The core of it is very walkable, like Boston. The rest of it is very subway-accessible, like New York.

London is also, in my opinion, the best place to celebrate Diwali. The size of the desi population is beyond the critical mass for the holiday to register on the mainstream consciousness (and calendar). And fireworks are legal (unlike USA) and relatively cheap (unlike India) so you can buy really massive ones-- by the bucket. Just that makes it the best place for Diwali.

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