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Mon, 27 Mar 2006


This is sorta kinda fun. Apple, the computer maker, had promised Apple, the Beatles record label, that they won't do music (in a previous Apple-v-Apple lawsuit). Now, Apple does music and so does Apple. Hence the third Apple-v-Apple lawsuit. In its defense, Apple says Apple is comparing apples to oranges,i.e., online music distribution is not the same as selling CDs. Anyways, not sure if this was written in full seriousness:

"The judge hearing the case, Justice Edward Mann, is an iPod user, but neither side has asked him to recuse himself."

Imagine if Apple sued Microsoft and each company asked any judge who used the other's OS to recuse himself. Would be fun, no? We'd know if there's a judge in the American legal system who uses Linux. Or one who still uses his Remington typewriter. Probably the latter.

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