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Thu, 09 Mar 2006

Varanasi Bombings

Too few people, especially in the painfully politically-correct Indian English-language media, have the guts to take on one of the holy cows of Indian political discourse-- i.e., say that something seriously ails the Indian Muslim community and demand accountability from it, emphasizing that the community quickly needs to fix things itself before things get out of its hand. Moreover, the people pushing for such a discussion don't automatically become "right wing Hindu nationalist" bigots, or harbor secret intentions of making Muslims second-class citizens.

In such an environment, things like what Vir Sanghvi is saying are a good start. Is it so unfair to ask why somebody who is offering a reward of Rs 51 crore to kill a cartoonist is being applauded by members of the Muslim community? Or why should the Muslim community (not to mention the perniciously anti-India leftists) argue for Iran and work to undermine a nuclear deal that is clearly in India's long-term interests?

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